"Exceptional Service" 

 Good day


I have received an exceptional service from Jaco Terblanche. I remember walking into Lionel Motors Dealer, not knowing what to expect, and what kind of a car I was looking for, I have already visited most of the car dealers in town and have quotes done and still not satisfied with what I have seen. Lionel Motors was the last dealer I walk into that day.


I was on the floor looking at the cars that was on display, my eyes were all over the place, I was standing next to the Micra when Jaco came to me and greet me and says “ Mam, this cars are all beautiful, and plus minus how much monthly installment are you prepared to pay? What are you going to use the car for? He then took me back Livinia XGear the first car that was on the floor, he opens the door, ask me to get inside the car to see how big and spacious the car was, we checked each an every car that was on the floor explaining all car features.


The Nissan Juke that I bought was not on the floor , he said to me “ I still need to show  you other cars, they are at the back, we went to the back and there was the Juke, he explained the features and educate me about this car, from the tyres, the fuel consumption, he was talking so passionately about the Juke, while listening to him I just imagine myself driving Juke, it was like love at first sight, I ask him for a quote, prepared and give the quote for a Juke 1.6 5MT Acenta(Q61)


Later in the afternoon he phoned me and said “Ms Lydia,  I have got four new Juke deliveries and I know that you are going to love it. Its Juke 1.6 CVT 2WD Acenta+” and I said send me the quote, I submitted the new quote without seeing the car but from the  information I  got, I already loved it. I believed and trusted him, he phoned regularly, send emails, gave timeous feedback. The Juke I bought I saw it after I submitted application for finance.


Jaco, you gave the best of the best service, continue doing what you are doing, educate us,  especially for us the ladies, all the cars I have driven before it was my husband who did everything, this was my first experience of going out looking for a car myself, but you have simplified everything and you have make this experience worthwhile. Keep up the great work that you are doing, the time I spend with you, you were patience and answering all the questions I had.


I really appreciate the exceptional service I got from you.



Kelennetse Madikela

iX Online Motoring