Nissan has invited key stakeholders from taxi organisations in South Africa to discuss the forthcoming Nissan NV350 Minibus Taxi and play a part in its introduction.


The new model is Nissan’s successor to the E20 minibus – a vehicle which holds a strong sense of nostalgia in South Africa and which sees many of the 71 000 units sold between 1973 and 1996 still in operation today.


The forthcoming Nissan NV350 Minibus Taxi has been uniquely developed to meet local regulations and market needs and arrives in early 2014 as the return of a legend. It will again form strong ties with the South African taxi industry and the 15 million people it transports every single day.


In line with the company’s innovative approach, Nissan has invited key stakeholders from taxi organisations to take part in naming the new Nissan NV350 Minibus Taxi, representing unprecedented consumer involvement in product introduction.


Says Freddie Louw, Chief Marketing Manager of Light Commercial Vehicles at Nissan South Africa: “After the legendary Nissan E20 formed such strong bonds with the South African taxi industry, which it played a large role in making it what it is today, it is only appropriate that we involve customers in the very core of our product planning. Never before has a South African vehicle manufacturer allowed customers, who will be buying their product and using it on a daily basis, to give it the name of their choice.

“We are looking for a name which really adds extra value to what will be a formidable competitor in the local taxi industry – something distinctly African that will encourage and inspire drivers and which will impart the strength and reliability they can expect from their Nissan NV350 Minibus Taxi.


“We are very eager to introduce the new Nissan NV350 Minibus Taxi to the South African market. Powered by a 2.5-litre petrol engine and featuring a practical 16-seater passenger capacity, the Nissan NV350 Minibus Taxi once again reiterates the strong values of spaciousness and good fuel economy which made the E20 so popular for over 20 years.


“We are doing the necessary background work right now, ahead of the 2014 launch, to ensure that the new Nissan NV350 Minibus Taxi is completely suited to the South African taxi industry – and so far the response has been decidedly positive.”


The Nissan NV350 ‘Name to Fame Game’ is currently in its third round which sees the provincial taxi organisations submitting their top five names as received by the regional, metropolitan and district associations, to their respective organisational bodies and finally to Nissan. The winner not only gets their suggested name applied to the new model but also R50 000 towards their new Nissan NV350 Taxi.


Further to the involvement of the taxi industry, Nissan is again strengthening the brand’s ties to the 2013 National Arrive Alive campaign. In full support of safer roads and a reduction in fatal road accidents over the busiest driving seasons in South Africa, Nissan will sponsor ten brand-new vehicles to the campaign for the 2013 festive season.

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